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Evidence against fraud charges:

The services we provide to our customers are of high quality, and there is no fraud at all. On the contrary, the customer's act of making a fraudulent claim is real fraud! The evidence we provide, in addition to the freight list certificate provided by the shopify platform, we also provide the following proof:

1,Transportation and classification of goods: Since the products ordered by customers belong to different suppliers on our store platform; therefore, we divided customer order No. 1009 into 3 small orders:

Small order No. 1: #1009-F1 and #1009-F3 are one order, shipped by the cjdropshipping.com platform, and the waybill number is: CJPAAS1310400011YQ. The customer has signed for delivery on February 15, 2024. Screenshot below:


Small order No. 2: #1009-F2, fulfilled by DSers fulfillment service platform, waybill number: LP00629602585370, customer signed for receipt on February 20, 2024. Screenshot below:


Small order No. 3: #1009-F2. Since small order No. 3 is a power bank, according to some local regulations in the UAE, the CJ platform cannot directly ship to the UAE, so we found another company in Shenzhen, China that is qualified to transport chargers. Cross-border logistics companies in the UAE transport this product. Specific steps:

1) The power bank was first sent to Dazhitong International Logistics Company in Shenzhen through the cjdropshipping.com platform. The waybill number is: 73517678091740. Dazhitong International Logistics Company received the power bank on February 4, 2024, as shown in the screenshot.


2) The power bank was sent to the United Arab Emirates by Dazhitong International Logistics Company on February 5, 2024. The waybill number is: AE581846635, and the customer signed for it on February 16, 2024. Screenshot below:


2,The following is a list of the shopify account backend of our whimsicaloasis.com website to communicate with the customer and notify him of cargo logistics information and arrival notifications! Screenshot below: